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Oslo Wall Bed Wall

Oslo Wall Bed Wall

Toronto Floor Sample

Oslo Sofa with Ottoman: $23,740 

Oslo Shelf/ Cabinet: $6,595

Total Retail: $30,335

Discounted Price (-30%): $21,234

 Includes shelving and bi-fold wardrobe.

Meet the Oslo Sofa — a multifunctional wall bed system blending a queen-sized bed and a storage sofa. When transitioning to the bed, the sofa ingeniously slides forward while the backrest effortlessly tucks beneath, eliminating the hassle of storing sofa cushions. Thanks to its patented mechanism, the Oslo Sofa's display shelf remains level throughout, keeping items neatly in place during bed opening and closing.

Adding to its versatility, the Oslo Sofa boasts a convenient storage compartment under the sofa, along with optional armrest trays and a matching ottoman. Elevate your space with this modern marvel, where functionality meets innovation for a stylish and practical solution to optimize your living area.

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