Wall Beds

Wall Beds with Tables

Resource Furniture has been dedicated to optimizing the functionality of your home for over two decades. Our wall beds with desks have become a preferred choice for those seeking a workspace without a dedicated home office, while our wall beds featuring dining tables provide a versatile space for dining, creating, and studying as needed.

Available in single, intermediate, queen sizes — and even in bunk bed configurations — every bed is meticulously handcrafted in Italy from sustainably sourced materials. Our Murphy beds feature patented soft open and close mechanisms, guaranteeing a lifetime of everyday use with a comprehensive warranty.

Discover our collection and elegantly integrate multifunctional furniture into your living space today.

Murphy bed with Desk in Canada

Wall Beds with Tables

Choose from a selection of customizable beds with tables, custom-made to suit your needs. Available in vertical and horizontal orientations, with options built-in storage.

Wall beds with a Dining Table

Ideal for converting a wall bed into a dining surface. The Penelope Dining can seat four people around the table for dinner, and opens to reveal a queen sized bed with a premium mattress in just a few seconds. The table remains parallel to the floor at all times, allowing you to leave placemats and cutlery set up for when you need them.

Wall beds with a Tip Down Table

Wanting to liberate even more floor space when you're not using the table top for dining or working? Opt for a wall bed with a table that can be fixed flush to the front of the bed when not in use. The table on the Adam Tavolo tips down to reduce the footprint of the system to just 15" deep when the bed is closed, the smallest footprint of any wall bed available throughout Canada.

Wall beds with a Detachable Table

Want to go one step further and have the ability to use both sides of the table on your wall bed? The LGM Tavolo offers a detachable table so you can use it independently of the bed. This manoeuvrability allows the table to comfortably accommodate four people for dinner or a games night.

Wall Bed with Desk in Canada

Wall Beds with Desk

Wondering if you could benefit from a little extra workspace in your home? Read on to discover where a wall bed with desk could enhance work flow and organization at home.

Home Office

Whether or not you work from home, chances are there's always some sort of administrative work that requires your attention. A Murphy bed with desk provides the perfect place to set up your laptop and paperwork when you need it, and allows you to effortlessly repurpose the space for sleeping in just a few seconds. Ordering a custom wall bed like the LGM TV with desk allows you to specify which features you'd like integrated into the configuration such as access to outlets, USB ports, and filing drawers.

Kid's Bedroom

A wall bed with desk is also a perfect solution for a child's bedroom as it provides a place to do homework without taking up floor space for a permanent desk setup. Better yet, thanks to the sophisticated mechanisms on Resource Furniture Murphy Beds, crayons and books can remain on the desktop even when the bed is open, reducing the time it takes to transform the space from day to nighttime use. The Kali Board and Altea Work are proven to be a choice unit for children's rooms and college dorms.