Wall Beds

Wall Beds with Sofas

For over a century, Murphy beds have provided space-saving solutions in homes across North America. Today, Resource Furniture wall beds offer contemporary designs and superior engineering to seamlessly merge practicality with unparalleled comfort. Trust in the intelligent design and expert craftsmanship of our wall bed collection to create a luxurious haven for lounging and sleeping in your home.

Wall beds with sofas work double time to ensure you're always set up to relax. Available in single, intermediate, and queen sizes, wall beds with sofas feature your choice of cosy love seat or plush sectional sofa and are perfect for a multi-use space or spare bedroom.

Made in Italy, built to last. Each wall bed with sofa from Resource Furniture is backed by a lifetime warranty. Shop our collection today. 

Murphy bed with couch in Canada

Sofa Beds vs Murphy Beds

Sofa beds have long been a popular choice for accommodating guests on demand. They're practical and versatile but how do they compare to wall beds?


The construction of a traditional sofa bed doesn't lend itself to a brilliant night's sleep. This is because the bed frame itself is often made of metal, and the mattress is thin to allow it to be folded inside the couch when not in use. In comparison, every Resource Furniture sofa wall bed includes a premium mattress which sits atop a wooden slatted bed base, much like a traditional bed, which provides plush comfort when sleeping.


Due to the construction of a sofa bed, there is no room for bedding to remain in place when the bed is hidden away. This makes the setup of the bed more laborious and requires additional storage space for the bedding not in use. Contrastingly, Resource Furniture sofa wall beds transform into a comfortable bed in just a few steps. Simply unlock the safety latch to bring the bed over the sofa and the bed is already set up with sheets and pillows. Easy!


Sofa beds provide both seating and a place to sleep, but you can't move them completely out of the way to free up floor space. If space is your main consideration, you may be better opting for a wall bed with sofa. This is because wall beds fold up to blend into the wall when they are not in use, leaving open space for any number of activities. Enjoy extra space and make every inch count with a revolutionary wall bed with a sofa.