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Welcome to Resource Furniture Vancouver, where contemporary elegance meets versatile functionality.

In a city where the average rent for an unfurnished one bedroom apartment is $3,000 a month (2023), creating a home you can live in comfortably and affordably, without compromising on lifestyle, is our priority.

Whether you need more functionality from your studio apartment, are looking at downsizing, or want to simply enhance your home, our Gastown furniture showroom boasts an extensive range of dual-purpose furnishings including Murphy beds, transforming tables, sofas and sectionals, and custom-built closets. Each piece in our collection is designed and made in Italy to ensure premium quality that will last through life's many transitions.

Visit one of the best home design showrooms in Gastown and discover the finest collection of modern furniture in Vancouver. We look forward to seeing you.

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    Numerous parking garages nearby including International Village on West Pender, Woodwards on West Cordova, and EasyPark on Cambie.

Meet the Team

David Hooper headshot

David Hooper


Having transitioned from tree climbing and Jackie Chan showdowns, David has shifted focus to the enchanting realm of compact living spaces. Although the term "retired" is used loosely — his version of a break is stepping out of the showroom for a few hours! When you drop by our Vancouver location, just inquire about "Transformable Dave" to catch a glimpse of his adventurous spirit!

Chloe Willison headshot

Chloe Willison

Operations Manager

Bringing years of invaluable experience to Resource, Chloe stands as our adept behind-the-scenes expert. Seeking the latest updates from Italy? Count on her for that. Curious about your order status? A quick click, and she'll bring you up to speed. While expertly managing the day-to-day of our Vancouver location, Chloe enjoys volunteering and unwinding by hiking in the mountains — and discovering local wineries.

George Adamian headshot

George Adamian

Sales & Design Lead

With two decades of design expertise and a very humorous personality, working with George is guaranteed to be an enjoyable adventure! As our master measurer, you'll always find him with his design kit ready to transform your home into the space you've been dreaming about. George lives in scenic North Vancouver with his wife and beloved dog Benny, with his grown children nearby.

Davor Sikljan headshot

Davor Sikljan

Technical Lead

Davor is just about the coolest guy you’ll ever meet. His extensive technical expertise has positioned him as our in-house walking encyclopedia, ensuring seamless after-sales care for delivery and installation. Equipped with plenty of hands on experience, Davor is able to tackle even the most complex issues effortlessly. Outside of Resource you'll likely spot Davor pursuing his passion for rock climbing and snowboarding.

Modern Furniture in Vancouver

Redefining Murphy Beds

Forget what you know about Murphy beds and discover a new era of wall beds to transform your space in a way that benefits your lifestyle.

As Vancouver’s premier destination for wall beds, we proudly stand behind our 100% Italian-manufactured wall beds, made with only the highest quality materials and patented technology to guarantee a space-saving solution that will last a lifetime (yes, we offer a lifetime warranty on our beds!). Each bed is made-to-order, allowing you to choose finishes and features including headboards and integrated lighting. Discover the most extensive collection of Murphy beds in Vancouver, including wall bed with desk, dining table, sofa, and even bookshelves.

Wall Beds with Desks

As we learned in 2020, setting up a space to work from home for the long term can be challenging. Whether you have a spare room which can function as a dedicated home office, or need to integrate this function into your bedroom, a wall bed with a desk is an ideal solution. Take the Circe Board, a queen sized wall bed with desk. A seven-foot wide desktop provides plenty of workspace during the day and by night sits underneath the open bed so your work is out of sight and out of mind. Thanks to its smart mechanism, the desk remains parallel to the floor at all times, allowing you to leave your laptop and books in place ready for the morning. Looking for a single sized wall bed with desk in Vancouver? Discover the Kali Board and get ready for the shortest commute ever!

Wall Beds with Sofas

Sleep soundly with our collection of luxurious sofa wall beds. An ideal furniture solution for flex spaces and studio apartments, a wall bed with sofa offers a space to lounge comfortably during the day and rest easy at night. Choose from a cosy loveseat such as the Penelope Sofa or a plush sectional to accommodate a larger group with the Swing Chaise. Each wall bed with sofa differs slightly in composition to suit different desires of firmness, and some even come with under-seat storage, but all are made for every day use. When it comes to adaptable wall bed sofa combos in Vancouver, there is no compromise in comfort or aesthetics with Resource Furniture.

Wall Beds with Storage

We know a thing or two about maximizing space, so it should come as no surprise that we also offer wall beds with integrated storage. For a show-stopping option, check out the LGM. Available in a number of variations, this wall bed transforms from day to night by revolves to reveal a queen sized bed. For its everyday appearance, choose from LGM Book with storage shelves, LGM Tavolo with a table (fixed or detachable), or LGM TV which can accommodate a 55" screen. All wall beds from Resource Furniture are designed to integrate seamlessly with storage cabinets and closets, also made in Italy, allowing you to create a custom wall-to-wall (and even floor to ceiling!) configuration that is truly unique and built to function perfectly for your needs.

Small Dining Tables for Small Spaces

In recent years we’ve seen a departure from dedicated dining rooms to eating meals in a less defined space. This shift can be attributed to the popularity of open concept living, as well as the demand for our space to function more dynamically as a result of the pandemic. Just as our use of space evolves, so does the furniture that we use to outfit our homes — and this means moving away from traditional dining tables to small dining tables and multifunctional tables.

How small can a dining room be?

This is completely dependant on your needs and personal preferences. A dining room can be as small (even non-existent) or as large as you want it to be. When thinking about a dining space, a few things we encourage our clients to consider are whether there are any other functions they’d like the space to have, how often the space will be used, and who the space will primarily be used by. This helps narrow down the size, function, and finishes of the table.

Transforming tables as small dining tables

Resource Furniture offers a unique range of transforming tables which serve multiple functions and transform into a dining table effortlessly. Tables such as the Genie feature height adjusting mechanisms to raise from coffee-to-dining height, to function as a small dining table or workstation. If you need a small dining table but would like the option to accommodate more people, a height adjustable and expanding table such as the Passo is an ideal solution as it has a small footprint but can seat up to twelve people when fully expanded.

Small dining tables with leaves

Seeking a more traditional dining table that can accommodate more people when needed? Look no further than the Plurimo. At its smallest the Plurimo Piccolo expands from a dining table for four to seat eight people comfortably. This small dining table uses internally stored leaves that operate on a smooth mechanism to make hosting larger groups a no-fuss affair. 

Modular Sofas and Sectionals

Experience the perfect blend of modern design, customization, and comfort with Resource Furniture's best-selling sofas and sectionals. Handpicked for their superior quality and exceptional design, these pieces redefine luxury living. A statement of Italian craftsmanship, our collection of seating is a testament to unparalleled comfort and sophistication with a focus on both form and function. Introduce a touch of elegance to your living space with a sofa or sectional from Resource Furniture Vancouver.

A Canvas for Personalization

Made to order in Italy, each sofa in our collection is a canvas for personalization. Specify the layout, size, feel, and upholstered finish for your space and our manufacturer will create your one-of-a-kind configuration. For a modern take on traditional seating, the Square Line sofa combines classic design with a multifunctional twist (integrated coffee tables!). If you're looking for a stand out piece, the Flex sofa offers ultimate flexibility with an island-style seat and moveable backrests to allow you to change the setup at your will. With a base large enough to lay down on, these infinitely configurable sofas are also a great alternative to a traditional sofa bed.