Wall Beds

Wall Bunk Beds

Discover the ingenuity of Italian design with Resource Furniture's collection of Murphy bunk beds. A contemporary take on a classic space saving concept, we offer bunk beds that serve you both during day and night. During the day relax on a cosy sofa or set yourself up to work at a seven-foot long desk. By night, open the upper and lower bunks to reveal comfortable twin sized mattresses with padded headboards and safety barriers. A self-locking mechanism ensures guests of all ages will rest safe and sound throughout the night.

Crafted in Italy with sustainability sourced materials and mechanisms backed by a lifetime warranty, these bunk beds redefine versatility, whether you're seeking to maximize space in a media room, flex space, or vacation property. Explore the world's finest wall bunk beds today.

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Bunk Beds in the Home

Bunk beds surged in popularity in the mid 20th century, offering a solution for growing families facing the limitations of modern housing. Now though, with the evolution of Murphy bunk beds, their scope goes far beyond a kid's room — especially considering the functionality that comes from a Resource Furniture wall bunk bed.

Kid's Bedroom

Perfect for children sharing a bedroom or for sleepovers, a bunk bed will serve the needs of two people effortlessly. Not only does a Murphy bunk bed liberate floor space, a system such as the Kali Duo Board offers a seven-foot desk that can seat two people comfortably for homework and crafts. Best of all, the desk remains parallel to the floor even when the beds are open, so your little ones can leave their books and crayons on the table top 24/7.

Media Room

Have a media room in the home which you'd also like to function as a guest bedroom when needed? The Kali Duo Sofa is a wall bunk bed system with an integrated sofa which offers a comfortable place to relax and conceals two comfortable twin-sized beds which open effortlessly when needed. The lower bunk opens over the sofa seat and the upper bunk opens in the same way, and also has a titling mechanism to guarantee making the upper bunk is a breeze.

Vacation Home

Want the flexibility of being able to accommodate extra guests without the hassle? The Kali Duo is a sleek solution that conceals two twin bunk beds. When the beds are closed the system is only 14" deep, so it's there when you need it and gone when you don't. Perfect for vacation homes where you'd like the option of effortlessly hosting more people at the drop of a hat (yes, these bunks can sleep adults too!), without taking up a lot of space.