Console Tables

At Resource Furniture our collection of transforming console tables is characterized by intuitive designs and fine finishes to create tables that are space-efficient and user-friendly. Each console is made in Italy to guarantee fine quality and durability so that it can be a piece of furniture you use for many years to come.

Whether you're seeking to enhance organization in a small space such as a hallway, or are wanting a small table which can extend to accommodate a large group for holidays and celebrations, we're bound to have an option to suit your needs.

Resource Furniture Giro table set up for dinner

Types of Console Tables

Resource Furniture is proud to offer a selection of console tables that create functional and flexible spaces.


A popular style that often takes people by surprise, a console-to-dining table extends from small side table to seat a larger group when needed. Discover the A3 console and experience how an unsuspecting table can transform to accommodate up to fourteen people for dinner!


A lesser known function of a console table is its ability to transform into desk. One version of this is the Giro desk which sits as a sleek side unit when not in use, and pivots 90 degrees to offer an extended workspace which can seat four people comfortably.